1.) Sign in at announcers booth or sales counter.
2.) You must have a waiver of liability signed and on file with us.
3.) Races are ran according to ROAR regulations.
4.) Please keep your language clean, there might be kids around.
5.) Use only legal frequencies and the frequency clips during practice. Be sure to return the clip when you are finished with it.
6.) Never turn your radio on in the pits, during a race.
7.) Drive from the driver's stand only.
8.) No reverse is allowed during races.
9.) Do not drive in the wrong direction on the track.
10.) When placing your car on the track, do so from the pit lane only.
11.) No alcohol or controlled substances on the property. Anyone suspected to be under the influence, will be asked to leave.
12.) Keep it cool with the turn marshalls.
13.) Stay behind the rail on the driver's stand. If you lean over you will restrict the view of others.
14.) If you cut a corner you must allow the car behind you, to pass you. Then you may proceed.
15.) All racers must turn marshall after their race. If you fail to marshall you may be disqualified for your next heat. (also see "Turn Marshalling Guidelines").
16.) It is the racer's responsibility to make certain the frequency on the qualifying sheet is correct, as they reported it at the time of sign up.
17.) Children must be supervised by an adult at ALL times.
18.) Any vehicle may be randomly tech inspected, at any time.
19.) Violation of any of these rules can result in disqualification of heats and / or mains.
20.) Aggression or otherwise inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated, and dealt with in a swift manner.
21.) Treat others as you want to be treated.
22). All Li-po batteries must be in a hard sealed case for indoor racing and must be charged in a LI-Po safe charging bag.
23.) By registering and competing in a race, you are agreeing to allow RJD Hobbies & Raceway to use your name and likeness, in reporting racing results and happenings on it's website, newsletters and bulletins.
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